Target Groups

KKCF is envisaged to create direct and/or indirect benefits to the following groups;

  • Private sector companies and social enterprises will access direct funding for their activities in Kakuma and Kalobeyei.
  • Refugees and host community entrepreneurs will access technical assistance support and business development services. Selected businesses will be provided with capital to expand and scale up their businesses. Women and youth entrepreneurs will be able to start and /or grow their enterprises, create additional income to support their children through education, buying clothing and access medical services.
  • Refugees and host communities will be employed by the social enterprises and private sectors companies. They will offer both skilled and unskilled labour and earn wages and salary compensation. In the longer term, scaling local businesses will also provide employment opportunities to local communities.
  • Customers – both refugees and host communities will access a variety of products and services at affordable prices due to increased competition in the Kakuma and Kalobeyei markets. Entry of many businesses in the market provides customers with a variety of products to choose from and bargain for affordable pricing.
  • Refugees and host communities will increasingly access medical services and reproductive health solutions.

In the longer term, KKCF will help achieve mutual growth and development of refugees and host communities, through continued interaction of refugees and host communities at markets
and social amenities. A balanced support to refugees and host communities will create improved power relationships leading to social cohesion.

Finally, with the growth of formal businesses, entry of private sector companies and social enterprises, the County Government of Turkana will begin to realize additional revenues from
business levies. It is worth noting that this benefit can only be sustained, with improved business environment – in terms of policies and regulations.