Our Objectives

The Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund aims to enable better economic integration and self-reliance of displaced populations and their host community. 

The initiative’s overarching objectives are to: 

  • Attract new private businesses and social enterprises to the Kakuma-Kalobeyei area, which should lead to better employment opportunities for refugees and the host community, increase access to goods and services, and potentially reduce prices;
  • Provide opportunities to scale-up the operations of private companies and social enterprises already present in the area;
  • Develop and grow refugee and host community-owned businesses and create opportunities for women and youth;
  • Reduce the time and cost of obtaining specific business permits, licenses, and registrations in Turkana West by streamlining procedures.

Our targets are that by 2024, we will have:

  • Facilitated the entry of 10 companies into the Kakuma area; 
  • Supported the expansion of five companies already present in the area; 
  • Provided grants to 50 local micros, small and medium enterprises and offered capacity building and business model technical support to 70 local micro, small and medium enterprises; and
  • Supported 1,500 jobs and improved access to essential goods and services for 50,000 people.