Component 3: Hands-on Support to Larger Firms

This component aims to facilitate the entry of larger firms into Kakuma by highlighting and quantifying the business opportunities available in the area. Although KKCF feasibility studies like “Kakuma as a Marketplace,”  “Kakuma Energy Study,”  and “Kakuma Water Study”  have already shed light on the potential business prospects in Kakuma, the context of this region remains unique and unfamiliar to many larger firms.

Recognizing this, IFC is providing critical assistance and support to large firms through advisory services, including conducting scoping missions, conducting comprehensive market studies, and aiding in capacity building to help them navigate and thrive in this distinct environment.

One notable achievement of the project is the signing of an agreement with Goodlife Pharmacy, marking a significant step towards opening and operating the first modern pharmacy in Kakuma town. This development represents a positive stride in improving access to essential healthcare services in the area and enhancing the overall business landscape.

Further, IFC signed  a mandate letter with  Equity Bank in March 2023  to collaborate on a Risk Sharing Facility (“RSF”) aimed at expanding Equity Bank’s loan portfolio in 14 fragile counties in Kenya.