Clearface Printers

Graphic design and printing

Clearface printers is a graphic design and print company that offers outdoor ads, digital design, branding, and general printing services in Kakuma.

Printing, branding and designs technologies have greatly improved with time as they offer fast, top-quality designs at reasonable costs. In Kakuma, with many international Ngo and upcoming SMEs, the print industry has potential as institutions/schools can produce a high volume of labels quickly and easily. It also allows for increased customization over traditional label printers with set colors, cuts, and formats. Kakuma being a vibrant informal economy with more than 2,000 businesses, there is a need for businesses to increase their visibility, enhance sustainability, and reduce waste through on-demand printing and customized materials.

The company with support from KKCF will modernize its shop to avail high-quality printing services in Kakuma, reducing the price and time it would take to design and print materials in Nairobi, as is currently the case.