What are some of the foreseeable impacts in the Kakuma and Kalobeyei area following your interventions?

  • Increased access to clean affordable and reliable power for the vibrant informal economy: There are more than 2,000 businesses including 14 wholesalers, four major markets in sub-camp one, two in sub-camp two, three in sub-camp three, and one in sub-camp four.
  • Increase in revenues for the enterprises: Access to clean, affordable, quality and reliable electricity, to run the appliances required in their business premises will enable
    them to increase revenue, serve their customers better, and grow/expand especially for those needing cooling and refrigeration power.
  • Job creation: Our project hopes to create 6 permanent jobs and 60 temporary ones for the local communities, with 60 women trained as sales agents who can be paid a commission for generating sales for solar products to potential clients.
  • Better standards of living for women and youth as a result of increased income from employment and commissions.
  • Higher capacity to engage in the solar energy market due to training, knowledge transfer and coaching.
  • Higher technical capacity to provide operations and maintenance services in the solar market.