Lyonora Company Limited Agribusiness

Lyonora Company Limited is a woman-owned private agribusiness company that offers innovative and climate-smart solutions to common farming challenges. With the support from KKCF, Lyonora Company Limited will deliver field-based learning on food and nutrition, crop husbandry, post-harvest management, and record keeping. Additionally, the company will supply and install vertical kitchen gardens in households and commercial centers. Through their buy-back option plan, surplus produce purchased from the farmers will be sold in Kakuma and Kalobeyei’s open markets.

Homegrown Millers Limited Agribusiness

Homegrown Millers Limited is a milling company specializing in the production and distribution of maize meal flour, branded as PAMOJA®. The company targets marginalized and low-income customers, providing affordable and high-quality fortified maize flour primarily used for ugali, a staple food in Kenyan communities. With the support from KKCF, Homegrown Millers Limited is expanding into the Kakuma-Kalobeyei area by establishing a production plant with an animal feed division to utilize byproducts effectively.

Kenya Bankers Sacco Financial Services

Kenya Bankers Sacco is a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) dedicated to providing affordable financial services to members and customers. Regulated by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority, Kenya Bankers Sacco oversees eight branches and three sub-branches across Kenya. The company’s primary focus to mobilize deposits, offereconomical credit, and educate members on personal finance. With support from KKCF, Kenya Bankers Sacco will extend 4800 cumulative loans and savings services to refugees and the host community in the Kakuma – Kalobeyei area. It will alsoenroll 300 new members.

Migingo Fish Supplies Limited Aquaculture

Migingo Fish Supplies Limited deals in the supply and distribution of fresh and frozen fish. The company sells three main types of fish: Tilapia, Nile Perch and Mackerel. The company also offers structured quality and food safety management trainings to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those owned by women and youth. To address business financing limitations, the company offers trade credit to the SMEs to pay back the supplied fish upon sale. With support from KKCF, Migingo Fish Supplies Ltd will establish an ice plant in Lodwar town, as well as install cold storage depots and satellite distribution centers in Kakuma and Kalobeyei.

TakaTaka Solutions Waste management and Recycling

TakaTaka Solutions is a waste management company that collects, sorts, composts, and recycles waste materials across three Kenyan cities. With the support from KKCF, TakaTaka Solutions will expand into the Kakuma-Kaloyebei area and establish a buy-back center to collect illegally dumped waste. The company will also create employment for marginalized and refugee populations, whichconstitute the largest population in the area.

Kijani Testing Limited IT Support

Kijani Testing Limited specialises in providing field trials and market testing services of renewable energy, off-grid appliances and equipment meant to positively impact the lives of potential users. With the support from KKCF, Kijani Testing Limited will set up hubs in Kakuma and Kalobeyei to educate the communities on sustainable technologies and bridge the gap between innovators and potential customers in the region.

Turkana College Of Technical and Business Studies Limited Education

Turkana College of Technical and Business Studies Limited provides diploma and certificate program courses in agriculture, business management, and accountancy among others. Accredited under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) framework, the institution is certified to deliver diploma and certificate courses for Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Kenya Accounts and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB), and Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM). With support from KKCF, Turkana College of Technical and Business Studies Limited will construct new classrooms and a computer lab.

Turu Computer Training Centre IT Services

Turu Computer Training Centre is a computer accessories shop and cybercafe in Kakuma Town. The business offers multiple services, including hardware repairs, photocopying, photo production and trainings on computer packages. With support from KKCF, Turu Computer Training Centre will be able to employ two additional staff, and train young people on ICT skills.

Wandey Company Limited Solar Electrical Retail

Wandey Company Limited has a retail and wholesale outlet that specializes in the sale of electrical accessories, electronics, mobile phones, and power installation services in Kakuma. The business is also a certified Multichoice Satellite dealer and provides installation services in the market. With the support from KKCF, Wandey Company Limited will scale its business, strengthen the supply chain of solar products, and market its products and services to a larger market.

Sweetwater Trading & Supplies Enterprises Retail

Sweetwater Trading & Supplies Enterprises is a retail shop and butchery with two outlets in Kakuma Town and Kakuma Camp 2. The outlet in Kakuma Camp 2 is part of the UN World Food Programme‘s Bamba Chakula scheme, an electronic cash-based food assistance facility for refugees in the Kakuma-Kalobeyei area. The business supplies household items, beverages, and food commodities to local organizations, government institutions, and the general public. With the support from KKCF, Sweetwater Trading & Supplies Enterprises will access additional working capital and procure equipment.