Tulu Tulu traders

Tailoring – school uniforms

Tulu Tulu traders offers tailoring services in Kakuma town and specializes in school uniforms.

The population of the camp has been increasing to the current estimated population of 250, 000 people and 2,500 business. There has been constant outflows and inflows from various countries of goods and people. Tailoring takes 4% of the services offered in the area and business conducted by many women and refuges.

Through funding from KKCF, the business is looking to expand training to more tailors to meet the growing demand for tailoring services and to diversify the business to sell fabric on wholesale. The tailoring training and apprenticeship will see refugees and the host community being equipped with new skills. In addition, the sale of fabrics on wholesale will make the fabrics easily available in Kakuma and reduce the cost, time, and inconvenience of ordering from Nairobi.